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ANS service and pricing explained

Our role is to provide a safe and efficient air traffic service. We do this by delivering world-class services and real value to our customers. 

Service and pricing explained

The New Zealand aeronautical navigation services we provide include:

  • Aerodrome ATM services

  • Aerodrome visual navigation aid services

  • Approach services

  • En-route domestic and Oceanic services

  • Flight information services in uncontrolled airspace

  • Alerting services in uncontrolled airspace

Determining service and pricing

In competitive markets, market forces determine services and prices. As there is no competition for many of Airways' services in New Zealand, a different mechanism is needed to define services and service levels, and to set prices. We carry out business efficiently and build stakeholder confidence by maintaining a clear Service Framework and Pricing Framework.  These define our services, set prices and incentivise excellent performance.

Using the frameworks

The Service Framework sets out the services we provide, who receives them, and where and how the services are delivered. The Pricing Framework defines the methodologies to price these services. The Standard Terms and Conditions present the prices and contractual terms under which Airways provides its services.

The diagram below illustrates how each of these documents relate to each other:

View pricing and service frameworks

Airways Service Framework

Airways Pricing Framework

ANS Charges and Terms

Airways is a State-Owned Enterprise established under the State-Owned Enterprises Act 1987. Airways provides services on a commercial basis under that Act, and is also authorised by Section 99 of the Civil Aviation Act 1990 and under Civil Aviation Rules to provide the services covered by these terms.

Our Standard Terms and Conditions for the Provision of Airways’ Services (effective 1 July 2019) set out the contractual terms and conditions upon which Airways' services are provided. 

For further detail regarding the application of these terms and general information about the administration of our services, please see the Terms and Conditions - Explanatory Document (effective 1 July 2013).

Work out the costs of your upcoming flight using our Charges Calculator.

Completed pricing consultations

Every three years Airways consults with its customers – airlines, airports and the general aviation community – on enhancements to services and associated prices. The purpose of this is to ensure the continued safety and resiliency of the aviation network, while preparing for the future.       

This latest pricing consultation commenced in January 2019 and was completed in May. The consultation included the opportunity for submissions, requests for further information and public meetings across the country.  

All customer feedback, including 12 detailed submissions, was carefully considered in setting the final prices.  

The final prices and Airways’ response to customer feedback are outlined in the consultation response document found below.  

Pricing For The 2019-2022 Period:  Consultation Response Document


Consultation documents

Download Copy of Airways pricing calculator 1 Jul 19 Final Prices 

Download Airways Standard Terms and Conditions 

Download Airways pricing consultation - proposed prices 



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